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Roodies E-Learning

HSR and Lockdown Learning

• ALL work will be uploaded to the HSR-Lockdown Learning Website in PDF document format.

• WhatsApp groups will be started for ALL subjects in ALL grades (the links to these groups will be made available on the HSR-Lockdown Learning Website) and additional help will be available to learners via these groups. 

• Regular assessments (in the form of quizzes and short class tests) will be scheduled. These assessments will be driven through the GoogleDocuments platform and learners will be able to complete these assessments from home. These assessment feature as a guideline to our HSR-Teachers in order for them to know where the learners’ level of understanding of the subject content is at. It also assists us in keeping track of how many learners are making use of the online learning resources we’ve set in place.  

• Learners who are able to access these PDF-documents from home or parents who are able to access these PDF-documents from work are urged to do so in order stay up to date. However, we have made provision for any learners who are unable to access the internet from home by creating a WiFi-hotspot.  
• The WiFi-hotspot will be accessible from the parking lot area (allowing parents and learners access to the internet without having to step out of the vehicle) in Konig Avenue (police station side of school) and the strongest signal will be found near the corner of Konig Avenue and Kilburn Street. 
The WiFi-hotspot SSD is HSR#1.
• The Wifi-hotspot will only be active during normal working hours.  
• In order to limit the amount of people accessing the WiFi-hotspot (so doing preserving internet speed) we have drawn up a schedule stipulating which grades are allowed access to the WiFi-hotspot on which days of the week. 

Mondays:          Grade 12            08:00 – 14:00

Tuesdays:         Grade 11             08:00 – 14:00  

Wednesdays:   Grade 10            08:00 – 14:00 

Thursdays:       Grade 9              08:00 – 14:00 

Fridays:             Grade 8             08:00 – 14:00 

• Any further scheduled events for the collection of Drive-Thru Academic Packs will be communicated with parents formally. These events will only take place during 08:00 and 10:00 on the scheduled days.
• Please note that the HSR-Lockdown Learning Programme is additional and offered as assistance to learners who are not attending school as a safety measure instilled by parents, it is NOT a replacement for classes. School will still be running as stipulated in the staggered approach documentation.

Why Lockdown Learning

The Department of Basic Education planned that learners should attend school in compliance with the staggered approach strategies that has been set out. Within this the DBE has also stated that the final decision regarding school attendance for individual learners remains with the parents. Thus, parents are allowed to decide that their children will rather not be attending school due to safety and caution reasons.

We’ve noticed that many parents have opted for the safer route, keeping their children at home, and therefore we will be launching a new teaching initiative to accompany our classes as they are being taught on school grounds.

What is Lockdown Learning

Lockdown learning:
1. Lockdown Learning is a partial or conditional measure of home based learning, to accommodate learners with comorbidities, those who are sick or are affected by the pandemic in other ways, in accordance with Government Gazette 43465 of 23 June 2020 (Grade R-12). Parents who apply for this type of home-based learning are fully responsible for the education and safety of their children. School attendance is still the main platform for the provision of education. However, the Gauteng Department of Education is of the view that all learners affected by the pandemic should be accommodated, within reasonable limits.
2. Lockdown Learning is described as follows in Paragraph 6(1) of Government Notice 43465 of 23 June 2020 issued by the Minister of Basic Education:
“A parent of a learner who does not return to, or attend, school after the phased return to school must apply, to the Head of Department, who, in terms of section 4 of the South African Schools Act, may exempt a learner entirely, partially or conditionally from compulsory school attendance, if it is in the best interests of the learner: Provided that the parent makes reasonable efforts to ensure that the learner continues learning from home in line with the learning materials provided by the school.”

3. Lockdown learning will ONLY be provided to learners with comorbidities.

4. Please note that the school cannot grant permission for lockdown learning at home. There are procedures to follow to attain permission from District office.

5. As a school our staff resources are over stretched and we cannot guarantee sufficient online resources.

6. Please email the following people involved with Lockdown learning as they will be able to direct you to the relevant prescripts of law and links to follow: or

Learners in quarantine and self-isolation

1. Our school web page is kept up to date, as far as possible, with all notes and academic work.

2. Each subject has WhatsApp groups where educators communicate and assist learners with academic work.

3. Some classes are streamed and links to join the streaming class in its scheduled time will be made available to learners through the WhatsApp groups.

4. As far as tests are concerned, learners will be accommodated on writing a “sick”-test upon return.

5. Printed notes are provided to learners for collection on specific days and times, every 2-3weeks.