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Take note of Siyavula Rise Up Squad

Many platforms have made it possible for students to access additional activities and work during this closure of schools throughout the country. Please feel free to make use of the following information regarding additional platforms for Mathematics and Physical Sciences as we have received it from private organizations as well as the Department of Education: 

"Following President Ramaphosa's announcement about the closure of schools until at least 14 April, this is ours: Siyavula is OPEN AND FREE for all individual learners over this period.

What this means: all high school learners in South Africa can practise Maths and Physical Science on www.siyavula.com free of charge. Learners who have accounts will have access to Siyavula Practice and Exam Prep, and those who haven't yet created an account can do so to gain access.

Please share the news with parents and learners so they know that while schools are closed, learning doesn't have to stop!


Joining Siyavula gives your learners these benefits:

Access to an unlimited number of questions from the Grade 8-12 Maths and Grade 10-12 Physical Sciences curriculum

Immediate feedback on questions they try

Fully-worked solutions so they can see where they're going wrong

Access to our Grade 11-12 Exam Prep product (exam papers based on real past papers)

Access to our curriculum-aligned textbooks

Important: Our website is zero-rated with Vodacom or MTN, so learners can practise or read our textbooks for free. This means no data costs if you have a Vodacom or MTN SIM card!


Tell your learners to join Siyavula, if they haven't yet done so. It's easy:

Go to www.siyavula.com

Sign up with their name, surname and email address or cell phone number

Start practising!

They can also join our Facebook #SiyavulaRiseUpSquad to share questions and get the latest Siyavula news

Tell your learners to sign up today!" 

        - Siyavula

Additional Resources DBE

We received the following list of websites from the Department of Education. Learners can access additional resources and extra exercises on these platforms: 

     • www.skool.com

     • www.mathsisfun.com

     • https://learn.khanacademy.org/khan-academy

     • https://phet.colorado.edu/

     • https://za.ixl.com

     • https://techcentral.co.za/telkom-zero-rates-education-                    websites-amid-coronavirus-outbreak/96575/

Grade 12 Physical Science

Please download the following PDF containing the study time layout for the weeks to come.

Grade 12 Mechanical Technology

All learners must please complete the 2018 final exam paper that was handed out. Memos will be posted on the subject specific WhatsApp group at a later stage.

Grade 12 Technical Mathematics

A Whatsapp group has been set up for the learners. During the school closure the revision booklet will be worked through via this group. Additional assistance, through videos and examples, will be communicated on this group too.

Grade 12 Afrikaans Huistaal

1. Gr 11 vraestel 1 van 2019

2. NSC vraestel 1 van 2018

3. Map Jacobs

    Lees Drama klaar (p34 - 62)

    Bestudeer die notas

4. Doen Leesintervensievrae 1 en 2

5. Oefening 1 + 2 van Map Jacobs inplak

6. Sorg dat die vrae van Poësie gedoen is: 

     • Twee kleuters in die Vondelpark

     • Vincent van Gogh

     • Versagtende omstandighede

Grade 12 Business Studies

Learners received the following in class:

    • Notes on all topics for term 2. 

    • Informal activities for Chapter 6 and 7. 

Learners should complete activities for chapter 6 and 7 during this holiday.

Additional activities are available in the following Business Studies Intervention Pack.

Grade 12 English FAL

Read the following short stories in your anthology and study the comprehensive notes of:

• Transforming Moments 

• The Last Breath 

Grade 12 English Home Language

NOVEL: Life of Pi. Read the entire novel.

POETRY: Read the poem and notes in your anthology.

 • Funeral Blues

 • Felix Randal

 • Hard Frost

 • The Zulu Girl 

Grade 12 Technical Science

Learners must study the following work and do the written work :

1. Elasticity (P111-P123)

        • Written work: Exercise 4.2, P123

2. Stress (P124 – p127)

        • Written work: Exercise 4.3, P127

3. Strain (P128 – P131)

        • Written work: Exercise 4.4, P130

4. Hook’s Law (P132-P135)

        • Written work: Exercise 4.5, P135

At the end of each week a memorandum will be shared on the Subject’s Whatsapp group.
Note: Learners should prepare for a class test is scheduled for the second week of term 2.

Graad 12 Wiskunde

Wiskunde - Afrikaans

1. Trig-Werkkaart: 

            o Oplos van 3 dimensionele driehoeke. Voltooi 30ste Maart 

2. Trig – Rekordeksamenvraestelle

            o Handig in as skool weer begin. 

Grade 12 Dramatic Arts

It is expected of the Grade 12, Drama learners to complete Section B of their PAT, throughout the duration of the holiday. The due date for this PAT is the day the school re-opens. Further communication concerning this will be made via the Drama Grade 12, Whatsapp Group.

Grade 12 Accounting

Bankreconsiliation/ Bankversoening: 

• Revise all notes regarding bankreconsiliastion in your Gr 11 Teory notes. Read and work through pages 383 -388 in New era.

• Do Task 11.18 – 11.21 Answers given

• Do Question 1 of 2017

• Do Questio n 1 2015

• Do 1.3 DBE Feb/Mrt 2017

Creditors Reconciliation

• Go through all notes in Gr 11 theory book

• Read and do Pages 363 – 368 in New Era

• Task 11.1 – 11.6

• Do Question 2 DBE 2018



• Hersien alle notas oor bankversoening in jou Gr 11 teorie boek. Lees en werk deur bladsye 461 – 482 in Nuwe Era. 

• Doen Opdrag 11.18 – 11.21 Antwoorde gegee

• Doen Vraag 1 of 2017

• Doen Vraag 1 2015

• Doen Vraag 1.3 DBE Feb/Mrt 2017


• Gaan deur alle notas in jou teorie boek

• Lees en doen Bladsye 437 - 446 in New Era

• Opdrag 11.1 – 11.6

• Doen Vraag 2 DBE 2018

Grade 12 Mathematics Literacy

• Whatsapp groups will be created for the classes and learners added to the groups.

• Worksheets will be forwarded on the group by a memo for the worksheet a day later for self assessment. 

• Exam papers will be distributed to learners to complete during the holiday season. 

• Please download the following PDF for a detailed layout of the work.

Grade 12 Life Science

Questions on genetics page 1 to page 33.

November 2017 paper 1 and 2.

In paper 1 the following questions must be done:

1.1.10, 1.2.1, 1.2.2, 1.2.5, 1.2.6, 1.3.1, 1.3.2, 1.3.3 Q2, Q4 .

In paper 2 the following question must be done.

1.1.1, 1.1.2, 1.1.8, 1.1.9, 1.1.10, 1.2.1, 1.2.5, 1.2.6 Q1.4 Q1.5 Q 2.1 Q2.3 Q4.

Study all the chapters that we did this term for tests when we get back to school.

In the textbook do activity 5.6 on page 107 and 108 number 1 and 2.

Grade 12 Life Oriëntation

Learners must complete ALL the activities for term 2 (except the practical activities) in their scripts. 

Grade 12 Geography

The Geography work that follows needs to be completed during the COVID-19 School break:

1. The RESEARCH TASK that was due for May needs to be completed and handed in on 14 April/day school starts for Term 2 2020.

2.  Please download the following PDF for academic work that needs to be studied and completed before the school reopens. 

Grade 12 Consumer Studies

Learners must summarise all the nutrition and food related illnesses in the text book in their Theory book .

Learners received 6 worksheets on Monday 16/3/2020. All work sheets must be completed. 

The worksheets and memo will be available on the website in due course.

Grade 12 Tourism

1. Complete the PAT Part I .

2. Do the November 2016 Matric Exam in your book.

3. Paste in given notes. Read over them and highlight. 

4. Mr van Eeden has started a Whatsapp group for his Tourism class on which he will communicate with his students and assist in any queries and question regarding the work and PAT.

Grade 11 Life Oriëntation

Learners must complete ALL the activities for term 2 (except the practical activities) in their scripts. 

Grade 11 Accounting

Activity 9   page 131

Activity 10 page 132 

Activity 11  page 133 

Activity 12 page 134 

Activity 1 page 136

Activity 2 page 149 

Activity 3 page 150 

Activity 4 page 151

Activity 5 page 152

Activity 6 page 158 

Memorandums will be posted to our what's app group.
Past test paper handed out (need to work through)in preparation for the TEST that will be written the first day of term 2.

Grade 11 Tourism

1. Stick in Notes.

2. Do Activity.

3. Highlight Notes. 

Grade 11 English Home Language

Learners should complete reading of their prescribed books during the holiday period. This will enable us to focus on other areas of the curriculum once schools are open again.

Grade 10 English Home Language

Learners should complete reading of their prescribed books during the holiday period. This will enable us to focus on other areas of the curriculum once schools are open again.

Grade 10 Pure Mathematics

You will be working through 2 modules during your quarantine/holiday.

1. Analytical Geometry – Book 2

2. Number Patterns – Book 1 

You will also need your text book.
The two downloadable files have examples and exercises. All the work written in black ink (theory) is to be copied into your book (word for word, step by step). You will also attempt the exercise on your own.
Memos and additional resources will be uploaded onto the website by Monday 06/04/2020
Make sure to only use these to mark your own work. Copying work in mathematics is a recipe for failure.
The following is a suggested pacesetter to spread the work evenly over your holiday so it is not overwhelming… of course, this is just a suggestion. Just make sure you complete it before we open for term 2 as this will not be repeated.

Date:                                     Task:

19/03-21/03                         Analytical Geometry: Distance Formula (Book 2)

23/03-25/03                        Analytical Geometry: Gradient Formula (Book 2)

26/03-28/03                        Analytical Geometry: Collinear Lines (Book 2)

30/03-01/04                        Analytical Geometry: Midpoint Formula (Book 2)

02/04-04/04                       Number Patterns (Book 1)

06/04-10/04                        Check Answer with Memos

Good luck and work hard.

Grade 10 Accounting

Week 1: AOL-exercise handed out .

Cash and credit transactions revision pack handed out: 

• Week 1: P1-12 

• Week 2: P13-19 

• Week 3: P20-35 

• Week 4: P36-38

Please paste everything in Accounting Theory books.  

Graad 10 Afrikaans Huistaal

Alle vra rakende die Roman (Die driehoekige sirkel) en die Drama (Die testament) moet onder die Drama afdeling voltooi word en die gedigte in verskuns moet onder die Poësie afdeling voltooi word.

Grade 10 Tourism

1. Do the first map work activities. (on given worksheet).

Grade 9 English Home Language

1. Do Thought-Fox Poem.

2. Do comprehension. 

3. Do Short Story. 

Grade 9 Afrikaans FAL

1. Leesbegrip, Taalleer en opsomming: Hersiening uit 'n ou vraestel. 

    Doen dit voor in jou boek by Taal en Leesbegrip. Alles van die vraestel.

2. Advertensie: Leerderboek Bladsy 12-13. Lengtevereiste: 90 - 100 woorde

    • Beplan 'n advertensie om graad neges te kry om graad vyf leerders by 'n laerskool te gaan help met lees.

    • Skryf die rofwerk in jou skrif by die Stelwerkafdeling op bladsy 61.

    • Maak 'n finaal met prente, mooi lettertipes en lettergroottes.

3. Vriendskaplike brief / informele brief: Leerderboek: bladsy 22 - 23

    • Doen hierdie opdrag by jou Stelwerkafdeling: Bladsy 61.

    • Lengtevereiste: 140 - 160 woorde.

    • Opdrag: Brandon antwoord Josephine en bedank haar vir haar raad oor watter sport hy moet kies.

    • Doen beplanning, rofwerk en finaal in jou skrif.


Grade 9 EMS


Week 1: P37-39

Week 2: P40-42 

Week 3: P52-55 


Week 1: P36-38

Week 2: P39-41 

Week 3: P51-53